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Strada & Community Engagement

Since its first meeting in September 2021, NDACT and Strada have worked diligently to successfully negotiate the rules of engagement for both parties to follow during the Strada Melancthon project.

Some Background

Strada Aggregates Inc. initiated a meeting in September 2021 with NDACT to discuss its plans to determine the feasibility of a below the water table quarry on currently ARA licensed land located at 437159 4th Line, Melancthon, Ontario in Melancthon Township.   In October 2021, Strada presented its plans to the Community including the commitment to go above and beyond the requirements of the official ARA process and ensure transparency and communication throughout the process should Strada decide to proceed with the Application.
On hearing Strada’s expressed intention of working with the community, NDACT developed a proposal as to how such an engagement could work.  In January 202
2, NDACT presented the proposal to the Community and received support for the approach from the Community.  

Since then, the NDACT and Strada have worked together in good faith under an Agreement in Principle to evolve a Community Engagement Agreement describing the rules of engagement during all phases of the Melancthon Quarry project.   Many details have been worked out over the past year and a half resulting in the following six Community Engagement Schedules:

  • Schedule A: Communication Protocol

  • Schedule B: Community Peer Review Hiring Protocol

  • Schedule C: Wells and Natural Features Protocol

  • Schedule D: Community Recreation Fund Protocol

  • Schedule E: Land Assumption Agreement

  • Schedule F: License Assumption Agreement


Highlights of the Schedules include:

  • a financial commitment by Strada to pay the consulting fees for Community Peer Reviewers selected by NDACT and Melancthon Township to review, particularly, the Hydrogeology, Noise, Blasting and Air Quality studies

  • a protocol to identify baseline values for participating landowner wells and natural features in the target participation area and to maintain that information for monitoring purposes for the duration of the project

  • a commitment by Strada to not pursue an application if the Studies and Community Peer Reviews determine there will be adverse environmental impacts due to the development of a quarry

  • If the Studies and Community Peer Review determines that there will be no adverse environmental impacts and Strada pursues an application, and the license is granted, the following protocols will be triggered: 

    • a process for reporting wells and natural features disruptions including a water disruption solution delivered by Strada within 24 hours until fault is determined, and if found to be at fault Strada will restore or replace the water source at their expense

    • a financial commitment by Strada based on a per tonnage fee to be administered by the Township and directed toward community driven recreation projects in Melancthon Township



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