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...Members of the community gathered to voice their concerns and to find out more about The Highland Companies plans regarding the more than 6,000 acres of prime agricultural land that they had amassed as of that date.


Up to that point in time, and for a lengthy period of time afterwards, Highland reiterated to the community that they had been acquiring large tracts of agricultural land solely with a view to creating a world class farming operation, but residents were highly skeptical.

From Foodstock to Soupstock and thousands of meetings in between, Community Engagement was key to the success of the fight for Prime Agricultural Farmland and Water...

The campaign for farmland and water protection continues. The Mega Quarry fight exposed many flaws in current land-use policies. Ontario’s prime farmland and source water regions remain vulnerable to sprawl and aggregate operations even though prime farmland is critical to our food security and Ontario’s $34-billion agri-food sector, the largest economic sector in Canada.


We believe our prime farmland and water should be protected in perpetuity, not threatened or squandered in perpetuity. We believe it’s time to put Food & Water First!


In July 2021, Strada Aggregates made a presentation to Melancthon Township to advise them of Strada's plans for a possible quarry on Strada's existing gravel pit in Melancthon. 

In September 2021, Strada invited NDACT to a meeting where they also advised NDACT that Strada was studying the potential for a possible quarry and were interested in NDACT’s participation in helping facilitate the next steps in promoting public awareness of their actions.

In October 2021, Strada Aggregates hosted a Community Townhall to advise those in attendance that Strada was studying the potential for a possible quarry.

In a Townhall in January 2022, NDACT presented an approach to the community for engaging with Strada which was met with overwhelming approval.  NDACT then presented Strada with the approach.

Since then, Strada and NDACT have been working hard to successfully negotiate a Community Engagement Agreement, likely the first of its nature in Canada...

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